as you may have read in the news, starting from October 3, 2018 all apps need a privacy policy before they can be submitted on the App Store.

On the AppStore Connect website Apple announces the following:

Privacy policy reminder
As a reminder, starting October 3, 2018 App Store Connect will require a privacy policy for all new apps and app updates before they can be submitted for distribution on the App Store. The App Store Review Guidelines were updated in June to require a privacy policy for all new apps and app updates as part of the app review process. In addition, your app’s privacy policy link or text will only be editable when you submit a new version of your app. – App Store Connect

Therefore, the new guidelines mean that even the small developers who just wants to develop a flashlight app or the next flappy bird game, must own a domain and run a server so that they can host a privacy policy for the app.

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Datenschutz Klaus

3 weeks ago I started to develop an app named “Datenschutz Klaus” (Privacy Policy Klaus) which is designed for exactly these kind of developers.

Using “Datenschutz Klaus” and the integrated template generator, everybody can create their own privacy policy within minutes. This privacy policy can also be hosted on the Klaus Servers for a small fee, which is paid via Apple In-App Purchases. Before you decide if you want to host your privacy policy using “Klaus” or not, you can test the complete app for free. Without a subscription your privacy policy will be available online for about 12 hours.

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“Datenschutz Klaus” is available for iPhone and iPad using iOS 11.4 or newer.

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Datenschutz Klaus

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Do you have any questions, ideas or suggestions for improvement? Please send me a message to @cpageler93 or apps.christoph@gmail.com.